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“We hired 360digitalz because we weren’t seeing the results that we needed from our SEO partner. It was time to make a change. They’ve made a huge impact on our company. I’ve challenged 360digitalz a lot, and their team will give more than what I ask. They’re hugely transparent. 360digitalz has a customer dashboard where I can track how every second of the monthly hours are divided. There hasn’t been a point when I haven’t known what was going on. The rate at which they respond is huge. Their ability to pivot quickly is important.”
Michael Farah
Farah Law Firm

Project Overview

This multiple-location restoration and reconstruction firm has been rebuilding thousands of properties across the United States since 1948. The company provides a diverse range of property repair solutions, including water damage restoration, mold remediation and removal, fire restoration and smoke damage repairs, to more than 22 locations in the country.

The client tapped 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency’s expertise to boost its brand recognition, generate more leads and increase traffic and local rankings across all service locations. Since the SEO and PPC management campaigns were launched, 360digitalz has helped the company set a record-high 60,183 total traffic in October 2020, 1,104 top 5 keyword rankings in December 2020 and 681 total inquiries in February 2021.

The Highlights

After the successful website consolidation of the two properties, our search engine optimization (SEO) experts have seen a significant increase in the client’s SEO visibility score in Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) month-over-month (MoM).

Within the first month of the SEO campaign, our 360digitalz team was able to generate the following results:

  • Monthly Traffic: +9,614 (+207.37%)
  • Pageviews: +14,695 (+153.04%)
  • New Website Users: +8,121 (+216.38%)
  • Monthly Leads: +2,737.5%
  • Organic Traffic: +7,619 (+97.65%)

Our ongoing SEO campaign has also showed significant improvements since its inception in 2020:

  • Monthly Traffic: +9,614 (+207.37%)
  • Organic Traffic: +25,693 (+34.13%)
  • New Website Users: +22,905 (+12.17%)
  • Pageviews: +37,184
  • Organic Revenue: +93.33%
  • Sessions: +201.45%

The pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns which started mid-August 2020 resulted in:

  • Average Cost-per-click (CPC): -29.13%
  • Conversion Rate: +89.18%
  • Leads: +146.22%
  • Cost-per-conversion: -62.54%

The client’s paid social campaigns also delivered remarkable growth:

Overall, 360digitalz’s integrated digital marketing strategy has ramped up the client’s organic search traffic by 93.46 percent and top 5 keyword rankings by 295.69 percent. Our paid social efforts have also garnered 20,016,600 impressions and 4,316,272 prospects reached since July 2020.

Executing The Strategy


This multiple-location restoration and reconstruction company partnered with 360digitalz because it was not getting the transparency and quality service it was looking for from its existing digital marketing service provider. Additionally, the firm had recently been acquired by a new investor, resulting in changes in expectations and digital marketing approach.

During the initial phase of our partnership, the client had two separate websites. One of their primary goals was to ensure a smooth, SEO-friendly website consolidation for these two domains to avoid losing significant traffic or rankings. Besides improving brand awareness and local rankings, the client also needed help setting up proper campaign metrics and monitoring systems.

Now, one of the biggest challenges was to balance the client’s demands with the investors’ expectations. To facilitate seamless campaign development and execution, our SEO team worked closely with the client’s new investor and in-house representatives. We identified their brand objectives, determined expectations and set clear, appropriate metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure we are on the same page.


The initial stages of the campaign were focused on the client’s website consolidation and SEO strategy. To determine appropriate measures and improve the campaign results for all 22 different locations, our SEO team performed a thorough:

360digitalz SEO experts evaluated and analyzed the audit results to determine opportunities for on-page and off-page optimization and establish a clear course of action.

Our SEO team began with the website consolidation to simplify support issues, facilitate rapid website development and ensure an integrated customer experience (CX). This process involved:

  • Updating and deleting pages that don’t generate traffic
  • Migrating content to the new website
  • Ensuring all ads point back to the new site
  • Creating redirects
  • Updating site links on social media and citations

Once the website consolidation was completed, our SEO professionals performed the necessary steps to boost the client’s digital performance. Our team had been very involved with getting the client set up with CallRail, deciding which metrics it should be tracking and prioritizing for its customer relationship management (CRM) and determining estimates for revenue per channel based on estimated value per lead.

Search Engine Optimization

To optimize the client’s local search performance, our SEO team focused on building its local SEO strategy, fixing technical SEO issues and building quality backlinks. 360digitalz’s SEO services covered:

  • Location page updates
  • Content syndication
  • GMB optimization
  • Meta description audit and updates
  • Title tags audit and adjustments
  • Local listing management
  • Creating high-quality, relevant blog content

Our SEO professionals also rewrote and optimized the client’s existing website content to ensure everything is consistent and aligned with the current SEO strategy.

PPC Management

After six months, the client extended its partnership with 360digitalz and increased its budget to add more services centered on building brand recognition and acquiring a better return on investment (ROI).

360digitalz’s PPC strategy focused on capturing branded searches for both old and new websites. Many locations had been bought from other companies and the new brand name was unfamiliar to many prospects. Moreover, competitors were using brand-related search terms in Google Search ads. To ensure the client’s ads show up at the top of organic search results and competitor searches, our PPC managers bid on branded keywords.

In low search volume areas and locations where the brand name is not well known, we launched smart PPC campaigns to match a broader spectrum of keyword themes. This strategy helped us generate more impressions, clicks and leads across service locations.

The next initiative is to run service-related campaigns in more well-known markets where impression share is saturated for branded terms. We will focus on keywords, such as “water damage/remediation,” “fire and smoke damage,” “ mold,” and “general contracting.”

Local Service Ads (LSA) are also being set up to take advantage of the Google Guarantee, an initiative that promotes trustworthiness by completing review linking and background checks for location managers.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Our social media paid advertising team ran a LinkedIn lead generation campaign to drive leads for the client’s Priority Disaster Response Plan (PDRP). This campaign targeted business owners who needed an emergency preparedness and recovery plan. The goal was to get more business leaders to sign up ahead of time (for free) to work proactively with the client and get priority service in the event disaster strikes.

We also used LinkedIn to target insurance agencies. This strategy aims to support our Facebook and Linkedin campaigns for general business-to-consumer (B2C) awareness.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

360digitalz had also assisted the client with its survey campaign managementreview generation and review monitoring process. Our digital marketing specialists partnered with Rize Reviews to launch net promoter score (NPS) surveys, which measured customers’ loyalty towards the company.

Once our reputation management experts had gathered all data, we analyzed the results and provided growth-driven reports and recommendations. 360digitalz’s review management team also handled the client’s review monitoring for all 22 locations for several months.

Some locations also needed help in generating new 5-star reviews. To streamline the review acquisition process, we leveraged our reputation management software. Our team also created a review landing page to build online trust and provide prospects and customers with direct ways to contact the client and give their feedback.

360digitalz continues to partner with this multi-location restoration and reconstruction company to provide better recommendations on how to improve its local visibility and gain higher ROI. Among our biggest focuses for the ongoing campaigns are targeting new locations, managing the client’s ad budget and launching geo-specific, non-branded PPC campaigns via Google Search Ads and LSA.

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