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“What 360digitalz does is they bring a depth of knowledge to our account. They have a team that is very deep in each of the digital services. When you have some concerns or an issue you need to address, there are multiple people who can come to the table to address the concerns from their knowledge base versus another agency that would just give you one or two people. The level of knowledge of the account management team is superior. Their ability to bring innovative ideas to use, they think outside of the box and they are always planning ahead. They fit their talent perfectly with our account. “They have also done a very good job of working with a fixed budget. These franchise owners come in paying a fixed amount, but 360digitalz knows how to manage their time and get the most efficient results of that money. You guys got us 46,000 qualified calls in 2020 and that was huge. Our previous agency would only get about 10,000 qualified calls in a year. You can’t have just one marketing plan for this account. You have to be able to be very flexible and have a very agile plan for these franchise owners, and 360digitalz has done that well.”
Michael Farah
Farah Law Firm

Project Overview

This multiple-location property restoration firm is one of the biggest property damage restoration service providers, serving more than 180 locations across the United States. The company offers a breadth of residential, commercial and industrial damage restoration services, including storm recovery, sewage cleanup, mold removal, fire damage restoration and refinery and factory cleanup.

The client reached out to 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency to increase its monthly leads and phone calls and expand its commercial services for both corporate and franchise accounts. Since taking over the company’s digital marketing campaign, we’ve facilitated the online growth of its corporate and franchise accounts and increased its phone calls month-over-month (MoM).

In 2020 alone, 360digitalz has generated a total of 89,422 leads across 180 locations, including 1,345 calls and 2,064 conversions for its paid advertising campaign. Additionally, in February 2021, 360digitalz helped generate a one-month record for the client with 12,884 leads.

The Highlights

360digitalz has been working with this multiple-location property restoration company since 2019 to improve its digital presence and search rankings across all service locations. Our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts have resulted in:

  • Monthly Traffic: +28,992
  • Pageviews: +447,043
  • Average Time on Page: 2 minutes and 5 seconds
  • Clicks: +88,500
  • Contact Form Submissions: +2,356
  • Sessions: +437,911

Since taking over the client’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign for some of its 180 locations, we’ve also delivered significant lead and conversion growth:

  • Total Calls: +1,345
  • Total Conversions: +2,064
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC): $27.06
  • Average Conversion Rate: +13.48%

Overall, 360digitalz’s digital marketing campaigns have helped the client generate an average of 497 leads per location and increase its organic traffic by approximately 57 percent.

Executing the Strategy


This multiple-location property restoration company needed help in customizing its digital marketing strategy for each service location. Each target location had different restoration needs and every franchisee had distinct goals they wanted to achieve, so the client wanted to ensure these would be reflected in the local pages.

Additionally, we needed to make sure all franchise accounts would be given the necessary attention while keeping the pricing affordable and offering the value needed to fulfill their goals.

Many franchisees also do not have time to dive deep into reports to understand the technical aspects of their online marketing strategy. As such, it was important that we gave them more high-level information that directly impacts their business objectives and revenue.

360digitalz’s main goal was to eliminate duplicate tactics and create a personalized optimization strategy for each franchise’s local page. The client needed an improved online marketing plan that caters to the needs and demands of each franchisee’s local market and delivers a high return on investment (ROI).


The initial phase of the campaign management was focused on SEO and website support. To gain a complete understanding of the client’s digital marketing needs and implement appropriate website optimization tactics, 360digitalz’s SEO specialists performed an in-depth analysis of its competition, website performance, backlink quality and local search performance.

We used several tools to:

  • Determine the client’s main competitors from an online perspective
  • Evaluate existing backlink profiles
  • Identify and remove spammy links
  • Determine areas of opportunity for local citations and name, address and phone number (NAP) consistency

Making improvements in all of these areas helped the client’s domain rating increase from a 51 in January 2020 (per Ahrefs) to a 68, a substantial increase over a 14-month period.

The local search audit was done for each location, and we found that some franchises were sold to another franchise owner and details on some listings were changed. To keep these listings as accurate as possible, 360digitalz’s SEO experts worked closely with the new franchisee.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO specialists used cutting-edge SEO tools and crawling software to identify and analyze technical SEO factors that needed to be addressed. The analytics results showed several factors, such as site speed, broken links and schema, that needed attention.

Using this data, we made a list of action items and, every month, slowly worked through each one of the factors that we did have control over:

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