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Our project manager is amazing. He’s knowledgeable and gets amazing results in a competitive market. They’re transparent and honest, providing reports that accurately reflect the PPC strategy effectiveness. Their work has resulted in an increased click rate and conversions. They’re also significantly cheaper than our previous partner.
VP of Marketing for Sisemore Law

We were able to significantly improve website traffic, decrease spend, and increase their total number of new leads generated for their family law services. Results included:

  • +72.84% increase in click-through-rate
  • -83.50% savings in cost-per-lead
  • +103.02% increase in clicks
  • -22.73% decrease in cost-per-click
  • +875.00% increase in leads (conversions)
  • +376.44% conversion rate increase

Project Overview

A divorce and family law attorney came to 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency looking to get better performance, savings, and increase leads from Google Ads that they were getting from their previous agency.

360digitalz integrated a new account architecture, completed in-depth keyword research, create compelling updated ad copy, and worked to ensure conversion tracking was properly in place.

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