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The Results

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In comparing data from March 1 to August 31 vs. the same timeframe in the previous year, Sierra Group experienced drastic results from their digital marketing efforts. In one year, they saw increases in several critical areas, such as:

  • +101.66% increase in website visitors
  • +630.27% increase in organic search traffic
  • +124.32% increase in online leads
  • +11.24% increase in conversion rate

Sierra Group and 360digitalz continue to partner to develop targeted digital marketing strategies in an effort to achieve even greater business goals and greater ROI.

The Strategy

Sierra Group wanted to improve their search rankings through better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and custom content. 360digitalz partnered with Sierra Group to help develop a successful digital marketing strategy. The SEO Strategists at 360digitalz chose two proven ways to help increase web traffic:

The Execution

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