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The Results

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Through integrated Amazon advertising and SEO campaigns, 360digitalz was able to increase the client’s average sales volume from 14,548 total units ordered in December 2019 to 18,031 total units sold in February 2020. Notably, we were able to get underperforming products moving on the sales funnel, which historically did not produce any sales.

After two months into the Amazon advertising campaign, our efforts resulted in a 26 percent increase in sales volume, a 23 percent increase in total units ordered and a 21 percent increase in Amazon product listing pageviews. Additionally, we were able to reduce the client’s advertising cost of sale (ACoS) by 40 percent.

360digitalz’s SEO campaign has also helped the client achieve the following results:

  • New Email Users: +19.18%
  • “Deal of the Day” Landing Page Sessions: +99.82%
  • Add-to-Cart Conversion Rate: +18.59%
  • Speaker Cabinet Landing Page Sessions: +47.28%

The successful execution of 360digitalz’s digital marketing solutions resulted in an average of 23,979 monthly organic sessions, which was 5 percent higher than previous months. We also generated an average of 106 monthly organic order placements. With continuous optimization efforts and targeted advertising strategies, Seismic Audio is poised for long-term profitable growth.

Project Overview

Seismic Audio is a professional audio equipment manufacturer in Memphis, Tenn., dedicated to helping musicians sound their best. It offers a variety of unique speaker cabinets, pro audio speaker systems and music-related equipment. The company’s primary goal is to provide all musicians with the best shopping experience and the most affordable pro audio equipment on the market.

The client collaborated with 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency to boost its monthly sales through organic and paid advertising. After two months into the Amazon advertising campaign, 360digitalz helped the client increase its sales volume by 26 percent for products that cost $250 and higher.

Executing The Strategy


Initially, Seismic Audio partnered with 360digitalz to strengthen its Amazon marketing strategy. Before reaching out to 360digitalz, the client produced approximately 14,000 monthly unit sales. To boost its order volume per month, 360digitalz focused on optimizing the client’s Amazon product listings. Our primary objective was to improve the client’s daily sessions, pageviews and monthly sales.


Our Amazon marketing team performed in-depth site audits and industry analyses to gain a better understanding of the client’s campaign direction. After thorough research, we’ve focused our marketing efforts on optimizing each product listing with relevant, high-performing keywords.

In less than a month, we finished a complete overhaul of the product titles, description bullet points, keywords and images for more than 2,000 products. To attract more interested customers, we also launched automatic and manual advertising campaigns. Our 360digitalz online marketing specialists set up promotional ads, such as coupons and BOGO (buy one get one), to convert more visitors into customers. The goal was to acquire a balanced stream of traffic and increase the client’s lead generation and conversion rate.

Aside from Amazon marketing, we also managed the client’s branding, parent/child product relationships, pricing optimization, in-stock monitoring and search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO campaign was centered on increasing leads and improving organic keyword rankings. We performed extensive keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, site audits, link analyses, guest blogging and content syndication.

The client’s marketing success was gauged based on the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Full-price sales volume
  • Ad conversions (e.g., phone calls and transactions for audio products from Google Ads)
  • Click-through rates (CTRs)
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Contact Us form submissions
  • Organic traffic
  • Organic rankings
  • Website conversions

360digitalz also launched a pay-per-click marketing campaign to explore new opportunities for increased revenue. Our PPC strategy involved reviewing campaigns on Google Ads Search Partners, remarketing, managing negative keywords, creating new ad content and landing pages and updating bid strategies. We also monitored the market changes for possible additional service expansion opportunities and ad strategy adjustments.