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Project Overview

Project Overview

This private wound care clinic has been providing affordable, high-quality hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and wound care treatments to patients with non-healing and complicated injuries since 2014. It has five wound care centers across Texas and continues to expand its reach to provide more patients with more personalized and comfortable treatment experiences.

The client reached out to 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency to implement strategic pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for its five locations. The goal was to increase its clicks and lead conversions and decrease the cost per lead (CPL) for all accounts and services. Since taking over the clinic’s Google Ads campaign in November 2019, 360digitalz has boosted its conversion rate by up to 343.2 percent at a similar daily spend.

The Highlights

After several months of learning and bid strategy adjustments, 360digitalz’s PPC advertising solutions have significantly bolstered the client’s Google Ads performance and generated an unprecedented growth rate.

Comparing the first 30 days (November – December 2019) to the most recent 30 days (May – June 2021)

All-time performance:

Our PPC advertising efforts have helped the clinic acquire highly relevant leads, increase booked patients and maintain a strategic ad budget for all centers across the Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio areas.

Executing the Strategy


This private wound care center partnered with 360digitalz because it was not seeing results with its current Google Ads campaign. Before 360digitalz, the clinic did not have a robust digital presence. Moreover, the majority of its new patients came from referrals from physicians, with only about 20-30 percent of new leads and patients coming from inbound marketing.

The number of leads reported also varied dramatically from its total booked patients. Several general wound care-related keywords and ad groups that resulted in clinic calls were not converting into booked appointments.

The clinic also had trouble communicating its “no doctor referral” process with potential patients, which means a doctor’s referral is unnecessary to receive wound care services. Failure to communicate this significant information resulted in low lead acquisition and conversion rates.


analyzed the campaign data, managed the negative keyword lists, created targeted ad copy and landing pages and updated its keyword lists and bid strategy as needed.

Our team also regularly monitored market changes, examined historical account data and consulted with the client to ensure our PPC strategy remained up to date and continued generating profitable results.

Lead Management and Ads Targeting

Since the clinic’s current ad targeting strategy was not converting calls into booked appointments, we paused the existing ad groups and keywords targeting campaign and focused on highly relevant search terms instead. In doing so, the daily ad budget was spent on more lucrative strategies that drove a higher return on investment (ROI).

We also configured Google Ads call reporting to understand the lead quality beyond conversions, saving the client the hassle of reporting the quality of its leads to the 360digitalz team.

Callout Extensions and Ad Copy Testing

We added the “no referral needed” headline to the client’s homepage and “no referral needed” and “most insurance accepted” callout extensions at the account level to attract more patients and quickly address their concerns about doctor referrals and insurance coverage.

Our PPC specialists also performed A/B testing and ad copy optimization to ensure all campaigns deliver measurable results.

PPC Advertising

The client did a great job updating specific wound care specialties on its website and needed paid search ads to convey the same.

We launched new campaigns for all locations, highlighting more than 30 specific wound care services and targeting relevant keywords, including “wound care treatment,” “burns,” “hyperbaric oxygen therapy” and ”wound care clinic.”

Our team also implemented another campaign promoting a specific HBOT chamber that most similar clinics have not yet established.

360digitalz’s primary goal is to apply all the learnings from the previous year and create a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that reduces the client’s total cost while generating better conversion rates.

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