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How an eCommerce store made over $170k in revenue and earned an ROAS of 2,052.7% in 2 months!

Growing a Social Community in a Niche Market


This brand wanted to increase sales their online store using social media.


They chose a custom “Maximize Results” package from 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency, which included organic content development and a strategic paid advertising campaign. The package also included regular strategy recommendations, inbound engagement monitoring, as well as monthly analytics reporting.


A social media specialist with 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency helped this online store create 5 posts per week for their Facebook and Pinterest pages, as well as monitored post engagements on this channel.

Along with this content development, 360digitalz developed and managed an assortment of social media advertising campaigns, while A/B Testing different variations:

  • Brand Awareness / Website Traffic Campaigns:
    The purpose of these campaigns was to spread awareness of the available products and promotions, secondarily, drive traffic to the website. The ads were targeted specifically to those who would be interested in their brand and segmented based on each specific target audience.
  • Remarketing Dynamic Conversion Ads for Sales:
    An intentional and thought-out remarketing strategy was put into place for retargeting people who had added to cart or viewed a product, but didn’t purchase. 360digitalz implemented a dynamic product catalog to retarget people with the exact products a person viewed or added to cart.

In addition to these posts and campaigns, 360digitalz also systematically reviewed all comments and interaction on the company’s Facebook profile, responding to all questions and continuing conversation initiated by followers.


  • Brand Awareness Campaigns:
    These strategically-targeted ads and are generating brand awareness through website clicks and impressions. Content reach, post engagement, and website traffic continue to improve steadily each month.
  • Website Purchase Conversion Campaigns:
    Prior to working with 360digitalz, this Northline Express wasn’t running any Facebook marketing campaigns. We started with testing the first month then we were able to scale the ad spend to more in the second month. We spent about $8,000 in ad spend and was able to produce over 170k in revenue with a 28-day click/28-day view attribution window.
  • 2 months of paid advertising with 360digitalz & a total spend of ~ $8,000 produced:
    • 17,864 link clicks
    • $0.47 CPC (cost per link click)
    • 20.53 purchase ROAS (return on ad spend)
    • 742 website purchases at $11.42 cost-per-website purchase
    • $173,990.30 purchases conversion value
    • Website purchases conversion value: $143,319.32


If you have a business in the eCommerce space and want to increase your revenue, then social media marketing with 360digitalz may very well be a great solution for your business!

360digitalz’s social media specialists can help you acquire new clients and better engage your target groups about your financial solutions. Contact us for more information today!

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