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How a fitness celebrity succeeded with 360digitalz’s social media marketing services

Nancy Anderson Fitness wanted to spread awareness, increase their following on Instagram and Facebook, increase participants in their monthly challenges, increase online program sales and help with new product launches.


They chose a custom “Maximize Results” package from 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency, which included organic content development and a strategic paid advertising campaign. The package also included regular strategy recommendations, inbound engagement monitoring, as well as monthly analytics reporting.

Growing a social community in the fitness industry

A social media specialist with 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency helped this fitness celebrity create 3-4 posts per week for their Facebook profile, as well as monitored post engagements on this channel.

Along with this content development, 360digitalz developed and managed an assortment of social media advertising campaigns, while A/B Testing different variations:

  • Follower Growth Campaign:
    Gaining followers was the purpose of these ads. They were targeted specifically to those w/ potential interest in the services and content that the advisory firm shared to their page.
  • Brand Awareness / Website Traffic Campaigns:
    The purpose of these campaign were to spread awareness of the available and upcoming programs and challenges, and, secondarily, drive traffic to the website. The ads were targeted specifically to those who may have been interested in their brand, and segmented based on each specific program.
  • Remarketing Conversion Ads for Program Sales and Challenge Sign-Ups:
    An intentional and thought-out strategy was put in place around each specific digital program and group challenge campaign to maximize sales and participation.
  • Organic Post Boosting:
    “Boosting” specific branded content on Facebook and Instagram to increase the reach and engagement of the posts, turning them into a “short-term” advertisement. We targeted these boosts specifically to those who may have been interested in the particular topic or product highlighted in each piece of content.

In addition to these posts and campaigns, 360digitalz also systematically reviewed all comments and interaction on the company’s Facebook profile, responding to all questions and continuing conversation initiated by followers. The client was responsible for handling their own Instagram Story content and Instagram post engagement.

Social Media Management Results


  • While the brand had a business Facebook account set up, their follower base and engagement rate was very low as they were not actively posting on this channel. Within the first few weeks of working with 360digitalz, the company’s engagement and follower base began increasing dramatically.
  • Due to the post boosting and a follower growth campaign, this fitness celebrity has earned 6,129 new Facebook followers since starting with 360digitalz.


  • Before 360digitalz, this fitness celebrity had a fairly large Instagram following (50K) and an already very active profile. Through paid advertising & post boosting on this channel, we increased her following by ~8,000 new people.


Social Media Advertising Results:

    • Brand Awareness Campaigns:
      These strategically-targeted ads and boosted posts generating significant video views and impressions, and also produced a huge boost in off-site traffic to the either the company’s website.
      Content reach, post engagement, video views and website traffic continues to improve steadily each month.
    • Website Purchase Conversion Campaigns:
      Prior to working with 360digitalz, this fitness celebrity had not launched any paid advertising on social media at all, and had been exclusively working with influencers. Based on the results we have been able to create for their company, they have consistently increased their advertising budget each month and paired back on their influencer marketing.
        6 months of paid advertising with 360digitalz & a total spend of ~ $30,000 produced:


        • 36,970 link clicks (at an average cost per click of just $0.83)
        • 238,886 video views (at an average cost per view of just $0.13)
        • 1,085,971 people reached
        • 421,529 post engagements
        • 4,023,947 impressions
        • 2,737 product purchases (at an average cost per purchase of $11.17)
        • 4.82 Average purchase return on ad spend
        • Website Purchases conversion value: $143,319.32



If you have a business in the fitness, health and wellness sector and have goals to 1) Increase your following, 2) build a community for your clients, 3) Specifically target those who are interested in using buying your products, and 3) share the story of your mission online, then social media marketing with 360digitalz may very well be a great solution for your business!

360digitalz’s social media specialists can help you acquire new clients and better engage your target groups about your financial solutions. Contact us for more information today!