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Project Overview

For over two decades, this Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy center has been providing clinically-researched, family-focused ABA early intervention programs to more than 60 centers in Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma.

In January 2021, the client reached out to 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency to improve its lead acquisition strategy for various centers across the three states. Our digital marketing team implemented combined social media paid advertisingvideo production and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing solutions to increase the client’s lead flow throughout the target locations.

Within only six months of the campaign being launched, our advertising efforts drove an increase in website visitors of 12,551 and ramped up the client’s leads by over 20X

The Highlights

360digitalz’s holistic approach to digital advertising opened lucrative opportunities for long-term lead generation for the center. Within the first two months of the partnership, our paid social team generated 174 leads.

We’ve continuously implemented digital advertising campaigns to generate better results. Over time, we’ve seen a huge increase in site traffic and retargeting conversions:

Our video services also delivered impressive results:

  • 3-Second Video Views: +231,171
  • Video Played to 25%: +142,289
  • Video Played to 50%: +108,684
  • Video Played to 75%: +96,683
  • Video Played to 95%: +89,282

To complete the full-funnel approach, we launched PPC marketing efforts that boosted the client’s campaign performance by 100 percent:

  • Impressions: +8,173,284
  • Conversions: +77
  • Clicks: +47,136
  • Conversion Rate: +0.2%

360digitalz’s digital marketing team continues to explore new opportunities to scale the center’s ad performance and overall lead quality.

Executing the Strategy


Before partnering with 360digitalz, the client already had a lead generation strategy in place. However, it was missing a full-funnel approach to digital advertising. This was a big hurdle since there was no definitive strategy to target and move prospects along the conversion funnel. As leads move down the funnel, the efforts applied should become more focused or the lead volume could drop in no time.

Another major challenge in managing the center’s digital advertising campaigns was audience targeting. The client’s target audience is very niche and its geo-targeting opportunities limited to areas within a 5-10 mile radius of particular centers. Location-based advertising, when not properly executed, could garner a low response rate and result in missed conversions.


360digitalz’s digital advertising experts rolled out a full-funnel advertising campaign utilizing video services and promoting the client’s existing organic content for high-funnel awareness objectives.

Campaign Audit

At first, we audited the center’s previous campaign structure, audiences, audience overlap and website landing pages to have a clear marketing direction. This opened various audience targeting opportunities for the advertising campaigns, including interest-based audiences and engagers. We also saw an avenue to incorporate other ad objectives to keep the brand in front of audiences at various conversion funnel stages.

Strategy Development

Once we’d laid out a clear-cut goal and developed a comprehensive digital advertising strategy, our next step was to build out and test various audience segments. This allowed us to hone our audience targeting system and focus on high-converting audiences.


Digital Advertising

We created branded imagery and ran several A/B tests to find the best performing ad copy and creative combinations. Market research and A/B tests showed that video promotions effectively tell the center’s story and convey information to its target audience.

Besides video production, we also pushed traffic to specific landing pages and tested lead forms versus on-site conversions. In doing so, we identified profitable advertising opportunities and helped the client pinpoint areas of expansion.

We also launched retargeting campaigns that helped wrap up loose ends or any missed conversions. This strategy has seen some of the highest lead submission numbers. By getting leads in quickly, we built trust and provided data for utilizing higher funnel objectives.

360digitalz continues to optimize the client’s ad campaigns to generate continuous lead flow and assist with other areas of expansion as needed.

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