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360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency was tapped to manage the paid advertising campaigns of a popular jewelry subscription company in the United States. The client needed help increasing its monthly purchases while maintaining or decreasing its current cost per acquisition (CPA) of $3.55.

Within the first month of the partnership, we saw a 65.5 percent increase in purchase actions and a 4.6 percent decrease in CPA. Additionally, our digital marketing team has helped the client expand its market into the U.K. and Canada, generating more purchases month-over-month (MoM).

The Results

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Starting with this client in Q4 has been a challenge due to increased competition, seasonality and rising costs on advertising platforms. Some of the targeting options that would typically be successful had high CPAs, so we’ve had to be extremely agile and attentive to ensure any changes we incorporate don’t contribute to an increase in CPA.

Our social media advertising and PPC marketing teams established budget and bid rules to slowly scale the company’s ad spend. We’ve also incorporated retargeting campaigns and tested various creative ad formats, list targeting and messaging to increase conversion rates while maintaining or slightly lowering its cost per purchase:

Social Media Advertising Results

Pay Per Click Marketing Results

The Execution

To achieve the client’s goal of increasing purchases quickly while also strategizing for longer-term success, we performed an extensive account audit and presented several opportunities for scaling on a 30/60/90 day approach.

Our paid advertising strategies involved:

Priorities For The Month Ahead

360digitalz’s ongoing efforts focus on scaling and expanding the client’s reach in English-speaking markets to reach 300 purchases per day. Once we achieve this goal, the next step will be to bring down the CPA by updating bid adjustments per demographic, device and location segments.

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