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360digitalz is willing to go the extra mile, which isn’t something we’ve experienced with other companies in the past.
Jimmy & Beth Humphus
J&B Electrical Services

jobs in the Arlington, Texas area market. To capture more demand, 360digitalz created and optimized a paid search campaign with more targeted keywords, aggressive bidding and unique ad copy based on search queries. Traditionally the campaigns ran and often exhausted early in the day, before people in the area were awake. 360digitalz seized the opportunity to optimize campaign scheduling, add additional keywords and aggressively bid on competitive keywords.

Click Optimization: We modified the match types of keywords focusing on more exact search queries in addition to writing more compelling and targeted ad copy for electrical customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With these changes, we saw a 350% improvement in the number of clicks generated from the PPC ads.

Click Through Rate Optimization: We worked on improving quality scores with ad copy and keywords that more accurately describes the searchers intent and goals, in addition to targeting landing pages that have a higher probability of creating conversions. With these changes, we saw a 93.07% improvement in the number of clicks generated from the PPC ads.

Cost Per Click Optimization: We worked on aggressively lowering first page and minimum bids. We also worked on finding effective keywords with more affordable estimated costs per click. With these changes, we saw a reduction in the cost per click by 27.05%.

Average Position Optimization: By improving the quality scores of the keywords associated with the campaign via improved relevance (including increasing click-through rate, relevance of keywords to their associated ad groups, improving landing page relevance and keyword optimization, and adjusting relevance of the ad text) we were able to improve the average position of the ads, therefore increasing the client’s’ clicks and conversions.