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Everybody says they can do website development and SEO. There are very few that can actually do it. I’m very impressed with 360digitalz. We launched with 360digitalz in 2015 and I can honestly say it’s been a fantastic decision. We would never be where we are today without 360digitalz.
Shawn Bucklew
In-House Plumbing Company

In-House Plumbing greatly improved its online presence, search results and leads:

  • 140% increase in overall traffic
  • 344% increase in search traffic
  • 148% increase in leads
  • 285% increase from social media traffic
  • 105% increase from PPC with the same budget

(comparison timeframe: July-August 2018 vs July-August 2017)

Today, the company continues to reap the rewards of their web presence and marketing efforts. Learn more about our plumber SEO and digital marketing services.

Project Overview

In-House Plumbing Company wanted to increase their brand awareness and generate quality leads online, so they partnered with 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency to help develop a marketing strategy that would accomplish their goals.

Executing the strategy

360digitalz’s digital marketing experts used their strategic, creative and technical skills to:

  • Design and build a new conversion-centered custom website design.
  • Write search engine optimized, quality content that’s descriptive, original, and speaks to the target audience.
  • Optimize the entire site for search, with the goal of ranking on page one of Google search results.
  • Comprehensive keyword research and ad design for fast ROI on pay-per-click initiatives.
  • Utilize “responsive” design, so visitors get the best experience regardless of the size of the screen or device they’re using — desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.
  • Manage presence on social media platforms, including strategy, profile setup, monitoring, content development, reputation management and reporting.