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360digitalz was able to increase the client’s average total units sold to 1,500-1,700 per month. From 320 total units ordered in October 2019, we helped our client ramp up its sales by 1,768 total units ordered in December 2019.

Our Amazon marketing strategy resulted in a 350.26 percent increase in sales volume, a 452 percent increase in unit conversions and a significant decrease in the Amazon advertising cost of sale (ACoS) of 40 percent.

Additionally, our SEO campaign generated the following results:

  • Site Traffic: +44.64%
  • New Users: +55.81%
  • Organic (SEO) Traffic: +23.89%
  • Organic New Users: +36.10%
  • Organic Revenue: +51.69%
  • Organic Transactions: +60.71%

To further push sales throughout the holiday season, the company scaled its ad budget and invested in paid social media advertising. 360digitalz delivered record-high results for Image 3D’s 2020 holiday season campaign (ran September – December):

  • Purchases: +181.5%
  • Total Traffic: +32.7%
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 5.86
  • Reach: +140%
  • Adds to Cart: +193.9%
  • Initiate Checkout: +181%
  • Purchase Conversion Value: +118.6%
  • Impressions: +263%
  • Clicks: +181.1%

Overall, 360digitalz’s online marketing solutions boosted the client’s transactions by 63.81 percent, with a 70.66 percent increase in transaction revenue. The average session time also increased by 10.55 percent, with a 6.73 percent boost in the total views per session. Image 3D benefited with immediate improved results and is now positioned for even more long-term success in the future.

Project Overview

Image 3D is a retro toy manufacturing company in the United States. It leverages modern technology in customizing view master toys with client photos. The company’s primary customer touchpoint is its online retail store.

The client partnered with 360digitalz to increase its monthly sales and overall visibility through organic and paid advertising. Additionally, one of the goals was to rebuild the client’s Amazon marketing strategy and branding via email marketing. After two months into the Amazon marketing strategy, 360digitalz helped the company establish a strong brand on Amazon for retro toys and improve its sales by 350.26 percent.

Executing The Strategy


Image 3D reached out to 360digitalz because it was missing one of the most crucial aspects of its business operations: Amazon advertising. Before partnering with 360digitalz, the client only generated 320-350 unit sales per month. In order to help increase the client’s sales, 360digitalz launched an Amazon marketing campaign.

360digitalz’s main goal was to increase the client’s daily sessions and pageviews. Our eCommerce marketing efforts were focused on optimizing the client’s Amazon product listings with a unique set of high-performing keywords.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest challenges we faced with the paid social media campaign was generating higher purchases during the economic downturn for the 2020 holiday season. Some of the creative marketing campaigns that were initially laid out fell flat because of the economic situation. Furthermore, our social media experts had to deal with extended shipping times during the COVID holiday season.


Prior to the Amazon optimization process, 360digitalz’s digital marketing specialists performed a complete account audit, business review and competition analyses. Our primary objective was to get a better understanding of the client’s position in the Amazon marketplace and identify a clear direction for its advertising campaign.

To ensure the company’s eCommerce marketing strategy is on track, we have set key performance indicators (KPIs) for the campaign. These include:

  • Review velocity
  • Full-price sales volume
  • Ad conversions
  • Contact Us form submissions
  • Organic rankings
  • Click-through rates (CTRs)
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)

After extensive research and a thorough site audit, 360digitalz revamped the client’s Amazon page, starting with its product titles, keywords, description bullet points and images. We ensured each product listing looks professional, informative and engaging. In doing so, we enhanced the end-customers’ page experience and facilitated their buying decisions.

To help the client gain maximum online traction, we also launched several advertising campaigns. Our pay-per-click marketing team has created both automatic and manual campaigns to provide a good mix of exposure throughout the day and increase the client’s sales. We’ve also set up promotional campaigns such as coupons and BOGO (buy one get one), specifically scheduled based on customers’ buying journeys to attract more leads and sales. In addition, we managed the client’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to help rebuild its digital presence and grow its online leads and conversions.

Social Media Advertising Highlights

Our social media team focused on maintaining profitability while increasing purchases. To make this possible, we began our holiday campaign in September 2020. Since we had to deal with extended shipping times, launching the holiday-related campaigns earlier than usual ensured customers could order with enough time for product delivery before the holidays.

The campaign depended heavily on targeting clean up to increase ad reach, impressions, traffic and conversions. Our social media advertising experts tested a broader “holiday and related interest” audience, which was responsible for the 66 percent of units sold for the holiday-related campaigns.

360digitalz’s social media team also optimized for top-performing creatives, messaging and audience segments to boost the unit sales.

We scaled the budget by 10-15 percent when we saw our ROAS was over six to ensure even ad delivery while increasing purchases and working to saturate our audience. This allowed Image 3D to be profitable while reaching a high number of units sold. A return on ad spend that is five or higher means the social media ads are effective and generating profitable results for the client.

Email Marketing Project Overview

After the successful launch of the Amazon marketing campaign, the client extended its partnership with 360digitalz to get email marketing assistance. The company needed help revamping its email marketing strategy and automated workflows, which have not been modified since they were launched nearly five years ago.

360digitalz’s on-going email management has resulted in 116,894 emails delivered, 55,468 total emails opened and 127 conversions. Below is a year-over-year comparison of the revenue generated via email:

Executing The Strategy

Initially, 360digitalz performed a complete account audit, competitor analysis and industry review to get a better understanding of the client’s existing email marketing strategy and determine our next courses of action.

360digitalz launched a one-time campaign for Father’s Day, which involved an extensive evaluation of the client’s previously used email designs and creation of a new content template that reflects the client’s unique branding. Some of the issues the client ran into with its old emails included outdated email designs, images not loading properly and ineffective branding.

Following the one-time campaign, the client decided to partner with 360digitalz for on-going email marketing. As part of 360digitalz’s email management, we rebranded the client’s email template for its automated campaigns to ensure it reflects the client’s fun, retro vibe.

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