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Hunter Vision, a LASIK & Vision Correction Surgeon was looking to increase LASIK consultation leads in the Orlando, FL market. To capture more demand, 360digitalz created and optimized an aggressive paid search campaign with targeted keywords, competitive keyword bidding, and conversion tracking via standalone landing pages.

Click Optimization: We worked on creating relevant ad copy and keywords that more directly relate to the search user’s search query to stimulate more clicks to the client’s dedicated landing pages. We saw an increase in click by more than 238.19% over the same period last year.

Cost Per Click Optimization: We worked on increasing the quality scores for Hunter Vision with more directly matched keyword types and lowering first page and minimum bids. We also worked on finding effective keywords with more affordable estimated costs per click. We saw a cost per click reduction of more than $7.23 per click.

Average Position Optimization: By improving the quality scores of the keywords associated with the campaign via improved relevance (including increasing click-through rate, relevance of keywords to their associated ad groups, improving landing page relevance and keyword optimization, and adjusting relevance of the ad text) we were able to improve the average position. We increased the average position from 2.3 to 1.0, resulting in a 54.05% improvement.

Conversion Optimization: We setup more accurate conversion tracking on the client’s landing pages and phone numbers in addition to updating the ad copy and landing pages with similar content and calls to action to give potential customers a clear expectation of what to expect when clicking on ads. With these changes we saw a 1,400% increase in conversions from the PPC campaign.

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