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Using social media to acquire qualified leads in the real estate & rental market

The real estate agency’s goal was attain more qualified leads for buying and renting within their communities. They wanted to establish a reputation of excellence, updated homes, customer service, and affordability to match prices or be below similar properties in the area.


They chose a custom “Get Paid” package from 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency, which includes paid advertising campaigns as well as strategy development. The package also includes regular strategy recommendations and monthly analytics reporting.

Leading customers through the sales funnel and integration of CRM creates measurable results


360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency took the real estate agency’s goals to heart and developed a strategic advertising campaign designed to meet and exceed the client’s goals of acquiring qualified leads. The campaigns were organized through strategic development of moving potential customers through the marketing funnel, from brand awareness to conversions.

Additionally, the 360digitalz team was able to integrate the real estate agency’s CRM to the Facebook Leads tool with one of Facebook’s many lead ad integrations. This allows the leads to funnel directly to the appropriate salesperson to follow up in a timely manner, and track the leads through the sales/rental process. Thus, maintaining excellent customer service and allowing the team to track conversions.


The Results

Within just 22 days, the real estate agency acquired 43 qualified leads at just $5.95 cost per action and 4.11% CTR and a $0.48 CPC.




Leads can absolutely be achieved through social media efficiently and effectively in a measurable way by integration of social and CRM. Contact us for more information today.

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