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From the Client

We have been so happy to partner with 360digitalz to handle our social media management. Scheduling our Facebook and Instagram posts for the month used to take me a week, let alone the frustration of figuring out what/how to post. Now, I get content sent over every other week and don’t even have to give it a second thought. Our engagement and numbers have risen significantly and they have helped solidify our brand through a more consistent online presence.”

Project Overview

Ambler Industries is a premier landscape construction company that provides professional, full-service landscape services, including landscape design and installation, lawn care and property maintenance. This landscape contractor is known for top-notch landscape solutions that increase property value and beautify outdoor spaces across Buck and Montgomery County, PA.

The company tapped 360digitalz Internet Marketing Agency’s digital marketing expertise to manage its social media campaigns. The goal was to strengthen its brand presence, build audience trust and gain profitable business interactions through organic social media marketing.

Within only five months of taking over the client’s social media management, 360digitalz generated a 100 percent increase in new Instagram followers and a 70.9 percent increase in Facebook interactions compared to the previous year.

The Highlights

360digitalz’s organic social media management campaign centered on building and maintaining a positive brand image and increasing the company’s social media follower growth rates and engagement rates. We developed and distributed engaging, valuable content to connect the brand with its target audience and communicate its unique value propositions (UVPs).

Since taking over the client’s social media management in March 2021, we’ve delivered significant audience growth and engagements on Instagram:

360digitalz’s hands-on management of both Facebook and IG accounts also helped the client boost its engagements (i.e., likes, shares, clicks, reactions, etc.) month-over-month (MoM). Through our Facebook management efforts, we reached approximately 8.1K people and generated 553 post likes.

The client’s Facebook page engagements also significantly improved from March to August 2021, generating a 365.9 percent increase in total page engagements and a 365.5 percent increase in post reactions in the fifth month.

360digitalz’s Instagram management campaigns also delivered a whopping 10.8 percent increase in channel engagement and a 27 percent increase in monthly growth rates.

Overall, our social media campaigns ramped up the client’s click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook by 5.6 percent and improved its engagement rate on Instagram by 10.8 percent. All these results were generated in less than five months, with $0 spent on ads.

Executing the Strategy


demanding industry, the client needed a digital marketing agency that could provide worry-free social media page management and generate meaningful results.

To meet the client’s needs and expectations, 360digitalz’s social media management experts needed to quickly familiarize themselves with the industry jargon. This was necessary to develop content marketing materials that reflect its professional branding and resonate with its target audience. It was also vital to maintain brand consistency in terms of tone, voice, design and vocabulary when implementing content strategies.


To position Ambler Industries as a leader in the landscaping industry, 360digitalz’s social media management campaigns involved managing the client’s three channels: Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor.

Initially, we focused on identifying the client’s target audience and understanding their online behavior to have a clear direction for our marketing campaigns. Our social media experts performed market research and social media audits to determine what the users stopped scrolling for and what content topics they enjoyed engaging with.

360digitalz’s social media campaign involved:

Growth Management

To increase Ambler Industries’ social media followers, we focused on social media tactics that garner the highest engagements, such as content optimization and strategic posting. Our inbound marketing strategy revolved around forming a relationship with followers and potential customers through content marketing.

We leveraged data to gain insights about the company’s target audience and adjusted the content strategy to better reach those most likely to engage with the social media pages.

Content Strategy Development

Our social media team managed the content creation, scheduling and posting for all three platforms. The goal was to emphasize the client’s unique selling points (USPs) and showcase its history, mission and purpose through the social media content.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our PPC specialists set up Google Ads campaigns to boost the company’s online exposure. We reviewed the client’s products and keywords to target specific market segments and determine additional quick-win opportunities.
360digitalz’s PPC strategy honed in on:

  • Addressing keyword conflicts
  • Optimizing bidding strategies and targeting systems
  • Verifying conversion tracking for form entries in addition to calls received from the ad campaigns
  • Building an audience to remarket to

The primary goal was to direct traffic towards the client’s ideal demographic while simultaneously boosting its impressions and online exposure. We periodically reviewed and analyzed the Google ads campaign data, managed the negative keyword lists, created unique, engaging ad copies and landing pages and updated the keyword lists and bidding strategies as needed to drive incremental increases in impressions and traffic.

Inbound Engagement Monitoring

We monitored comments and interactions with all social media content and profiles to stay on top of brand conversations and gain actionable insights on improving our social media tactics.

360digitalz’s social media experts also actively responded to questions and continued conversations initiated by fans across three channels. In addition, we sent technical questions to the client to ensure we provide accurate and useful information to the followers.

Analytics and Engagement Tracking and Reporting

Our social media experts performed regular analytics and engagement tracking to determine which social media strategies generate business for the client and what we can do to deliver better results.

Based on the analytics, we formulated strategy recommendations for the ongoing campaigns. These include the best combination of local and brand tags and topic suggestions that attract the audience’s attention and boost their engagement.

Our social media team also provided monthly campaign reports highlighting the campaign performance across three channels, including total interactions, top times for posting and top-performing posts.

360digitalz’s ongoing campaign strategy centers on adapting the content strategy to the seasons to remain insightful, valuable and timely. The goal is to deepen the client’s brand relationship with potential customers through inbound and outbound engagement.

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