Call Tracking

Our phone call tracking service provides you with a complete look at your marketing campaigns and phone support performance. Get real-time reporting on what marketing channel generated the call, and what is happening with the call once your phone support agents have them.

Why should you track phone calls?

  • Understand which marketing channels are generating phone leads for your business
  • Use specific phone numbers for each advertising campaign for accurate measurement
  • Calculate your marketing ROI from every source
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to incorporate real-time call data alongside your web analytics

Providing real-time reporting

Get real-time reports and notifications with our online call tracking software.

  • Advertising channel reports: See which online or offline marketing campaigns are working.
  • Real-time call log: Know who is calling, what marketing channel they came from, caller history and more.
  • ROI reports: Get real-time data on key stats such as conversion rate, cost per call, revenue, calls, and ROI.
  • Google Analytics: Track calls as Events in Google Analytics for further analysis.
  • Receive alerts via email or text: Keep up to date on every phone lead right on your mobile device.

We’d love to discuss how we can help you with call tracking.

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