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Amazon A+ Content

Adding Just the Right Touch Through Enhanced Videos, Images & Text

Getting customers to your Amazon product and brand pages is only half the battle. Once you have attracted eyes to your products, the next step is impressing customers enough to get them to spend their money.

Buying decisions are influenced by A+ Content, which better conveys the value of your products through the use of multimedia. You can increase your conversion rates by properly utilizing A+ Content that will make your products much more visually appealing. 360digitalz uses proven A+ Content strategies as part of its comprehensive Amazon marketing services (AMS) to enhance sellers’ offerings.

To take advantage of Amazon’s A+ content you must first become a professional seller by obtaining a trademark and being approved as a brand owner through the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) process. Our AMS Amazon experts help clients navigate the ABR process and file for a trademark, which can take up to six to nine months to approve.

Amazon A+ Content is more about selling your brand. A+ Content primarily shows up at the bottom of any Amazon product listing. It’s a place to include your unique brand story, where you can talk about your company, your commitment to excellence, about the quality of your products and how they’re manufactured, your facilities and tell customers about your process. Our AMS Amazon experts help you make the most of this platform with the use of enhanced images and quality content.

Through our Amazon seller consulting, we work with you to outline a plan to help you get the most out of your A+ Content and your Amazon store SEO. Our AMS Amazon experts use targeted keywords in descriptive text on your product pages. High-quality images, a professional logo and comparison charts are vital parts of your A+ Content. We have an in-house photo, video and design team that works with you to produce a logo, comparison charts and the high-resolution images you’ll need to best represent your brand. Also, there’s a series of words you can’t use in your A+ Content. Our AMS Amazon experts make sure you’re aligned on Amazon’s guidelines so you don’t face a possible account suspension that can derail your sales.

As part of our Amazon account management for clients, we audit your listings and walk you through the steps of maximizing your A+ Content efforts. Our AMS Amazon experts help guide you through Amazon A+ Content that’s all about your company’s process and products. A+ Content allows brand owners to change product descriptions of branded Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Used the right way, A+ Content can help your business increase traffic, obtain higher conversion rates and — ultimately — sell more.


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50+ Reviews

Amazon EBC Design & Development

We Take Amazon Legacy Sellers to the Next Level

We work with Amazon legacy sellers as well who have already been using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. Amazon EBC was introduced to sellers in 2016 and became known as Amazon A+ Content in 2018. Our Amazon experts audit your current Amazon EBC text, images and videos and work with you to find ways to improve the content. Is your Amazon EBC not leading to more conversions and increased sales? Well, why not? We use in-depth analysis and our tried-and-true tactics to boost your A+ Content and improve your Amazon seller SEO. We make sure your Amazon EBC is up-to-date with the latest A+ Content guidelines and requirements for branded sellers.

Also, as part of our Amazon account management, we ensure your competitors are following all the rules and not infringing on your copyrights by illegally selling your products. Our Amazon listing service system monitors and sends automated removal requests to ensure Buy Box leech removals. This process can escalate to legal action — if needed — and our Amazon experts have resources to guide you through that process as well. We help protect your business and brand against Amazon leech scams.

Your Amazon Sales Are About to Grow

Creating a quality, memorable brand is what will generate long-term business for you. Any Amazon seller who is implementing a long-term strategy needs to establish and promote a brand. Your goal is to create a business that really relates to your buyers, creating lifetime customer loyalty for returning sales and sustained success.

Amazon Storefront

Take Advantage of this Platform to Showcase Your Small Business

In 2018, Amazon introduced a way for small- and medium-sized businesses to flourish on the world’s largest eCommerce search engine. Amazon Storefront is an optional, separate section for sellers to highlight their small businesses. Amazon Storefront features a variety of product categories for U.S.-based businesses. Through our Amazon Storefront SEO techniques, we help you surpass your competitors.

This platform allows you to take advantage of sponsored brands ads instead of only using sponsored products ads. Another great Amazon Storefront benefit is that you have a captive audience because it doesn’t display your competitors alongside you on the page.

Sponsored products ads have higher conversion rates than sponsored brands ads, but smart customers run them both. We promote your brand in a way that takes full advantage of our Amazon SEO efforts as well as from a consumer user experience standpoint. Our Amazon Storefront SEO efforts give you a direct opportunity to point someone to a products page full of your branded items.

We can create your Amazon Storefront for you as part of our Amazon seller consulting services. Your Amazon Storefront does have some design flexibility, so we work with you to create a custom design that works best with the quantity of your product offerings to help maximize your Amazon store SEO. As part of our Amazon listing services and our Amazon seller SEO practices, we align with your business goals to decide the best way to highlight and display your products.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Our Accelerated Programs Boost Your Profit and Elevate Your Exposure

One way for you to increase your profit margin is to have your products featured on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank list. Anyone who earns Amazon BSR status is likely to benefit greatly from the exposure.

The Amazon Best Seller calculation is based on Amazon sales and updated hourly to reflect recent and historical sales. But, according to Amazon, it doesn’t always indicate how well an item is selling among similar items. Amazon created category and subcategory best seller lists to highlight an item’s rank within those segmented areas to make it stand out.

Our Amazon experts use customized strategies — including Amazon store search engine optimization — as part of 360digitalz’s Amazon account management to help your business get up and running quickly. We have accelerated programs that can take clients from invisible to BSR Amazon status within their first 30 days. Your sales dictate whether you have a chance to become an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Of course, not everyone will obtain Amazon BSR status. We can’t guarantee that for any client. But our Amazon seller consulting team develops a custom strategy for your business that boosts your Amazon store SEO and gives you a better chance to beat your competition and reach the top.

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